Energy Master Pro

Saving the Planet, One School at a Time

EnergyMasterPro Software provides school systems with the information needed to effectively manage their energy and other utility resources. By analyzing the various reports, school districts are able to:

  • Compare and track square foot cost for similar buildings or any groups of buildings for any time period.
  • Compare and track kBtu usage for similar buildings or any group of buildings for any time period.
  • Identify trends in energy costs and usage
  • Identify billing errors and obtain refunds from utility providers.
  • Prepare a report for each facility, groups of facilities or all facilities showing actual cost, changes in usage and changes in rates for any given period of time.
  • Track utility vendors
  • Track carbon dioxide emissions and reflect trends graphically
  • Reduce utility usage and costs by identifying areas of waste or inefficiencies
  • Manage utility budgets and monitor environmental impact

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