Energy Master Pro

Making Energy Management Easy

EnergyMasterPro Energy Management Software is...

Web-based: No software or hardware to purchase or install. You get immediate access to upgrades at no additional cost.

Safe: Your data is backed up on our servers and at another remote site so it cannot be lost.

Affordable - The price is based on the size and complexity of your organization. We will be glad to discuss the cost. Complete our free rate quote form for a no-obligation price quote.

Flexible - Track Utility Costs: by account, site, group of sites, or total organization. Compare any period to the base year or to any other range of months. Choose which utility services to track: electricity, natural gas, heating oil, propane, water, irrigation, sewer, refuse, recycling, storm drainage and/or environmental fees.

Easy to use - From entering bill data to running reports, Energy Master Pro software is easy to use from any location with internet access and your organization can have as many users as needed.

Simple, Powerful and Complete- with Reports that are focused on key management information.

  • Cost per Square Foot
  • KBtu per Square Foot
  • Cost Comparison
  • Usage Comparison
  • Carbon Footprint Comparison
  • Adjusted Cost Report
  • Rate Comparison
  • Board Report
  • Weather Normalization - Usage Impact
  • Weather Normalization - Cost Impact

Reports are easy to generate in spreadsheet or graphic formats. Reports are prorated by day to eliminate issues with varied billing periods and to make consistent comparisons. You can also export reports into Excel.

Full Service and includes

  • Free Start-Up Training and ongoing technical support by email or phone.
  • Customer Driven Enhancements. Software enhancements and upgrades are based on customer needs and recommendations.
  • Weather information. Heating and cooling degree days and precipitation in your location is automatically available.

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