Energy Master Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do I need a detailed utility tracking system?

Utility costs are a major part of any organization’s budget and are likely to continue to increase unless actively managed. Energy Master Pro analyzes your costs and the components of those costs, including usage, rates, and environmental conditions. This information can help you manage your utility budget and reduce the environmental impact of your operations. Many costs can be reduced without negatively affecting personnel or programs.

Q. What can I learn from the reports?

A. The reports help you find energy waste and inefficient systems. You can compare buildings, identify problem areas, and measure your energy conservation effort. The reports will also allow you to easily identify utility company billing and data input errors.

Q. What is the advantage of a web-based energy tracking system?

A. With the Energy Master Pro web-based energy tracking software solution, you don't have to download software. You have immediate access to updates and you can input data and get reports from any computer with internet access at any time. No technical personnel are needed, and you get free training and support. You can add new computers or users without having to transfer programs or data.

Q. How do I choose which utilities to track?

A. It depends on your needs. If electricity and natural gas are the largest part of your utility budget, you may choose to concentrate only on them. Or you may want to track all utilities to get an overall picture of your costs and usage.

Q. Who can use Energy Master Pro?

A. Anyone who has an internet connection can use the program. You choose which people in your organization can input data and generate reports. No expertise is needed.

Q. What kinds of organizations is Energy Master Pro designed for?

A. Energy Master Pro was originally developed for school systems, which typically have a wide variety of facilities. Energy Master Pro is also well suited to community colleges, local government, hospitals, offices, and industrial sites. Check out our Case Studies for specific examples of how Energy Master Pro has helped organizations like yours.

Q. How much does Energy Master Pro cost?

A. It depends on the size and complexity of your organization. We will be glad to discuss the cost. Complete our free rate quote form for a confidential, no-obligation price quote.

Q. How do I tell if all the bills have been entered so my reports are accurate?

A. Energy Master Pro Reports will let you know when your information is not complete. In addition there is a Missing Bills Report to ensure that your data is complete before reports are distributed for management review.