Energy Master Pro

Case Studies

Scotland County Schools

"Energy Master Pro has proven to be an extremely valuable tool in our school system as we work toward reducing energy costs and usage. It is an exceptional energy tracking software that is web-based and very easy to use.

The reports from Energy Master Pro have enabled us to identify areas where energy is not being used efficiently and therefore reduce usage and costs. In our system, which has 15 schools, three support sites, and approximately 6,400 students, we have been able to achieve $712,000 in savings in two years and reduce electricity consumption by 21%.

By using one of the features in Energy Master Pro we were able to easily transmit required data to Energy Star to determine which of our schools qualified for the Energy Star award and plaque. At this time, 13 schools and the administrative office building have qualified for the prestigious Energy Star award."

Scott Freshcorn
Energy Manager
Scotland County Schools

Rutherford County Schools

"Getting a better handle on our utility cost and usage had been a goal of our school system for some time. After considering several options we entered a contract with an energy management/consulting company to help us reduce our cost and consumption. The program we chose was a behavior change type program that did not require any capital expenditures.

Energy Master Pro software is the energy tracking software used in evaluating the effectiveness of our energy program. The tracking software provides detailed usage and cost reports for each site and utility. These reports enable us to identify and focus our efforts on areas needing the most attention. The software also provides an excellent summary report that gives top management the ability to evaluate the effectiveness and status of our energy program. EMP has the ability to create graphical reports that are very effective in presentations to community organizations showing the results of our program and the effect it is having on the environment. The graphical reports and usage reports are also very useful in the classroom."

Benny Hendrix
Chief Operating Officer/CTO
Rutherford County Schools

The Rutherford County School system has 9,200 students, 18 schools and two support facilities. Fourteen of their sites have qualified for the Energy Star award.